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Arusha meat is a meat factory located in Arusha. It was officially built in 1987 under the Arusha Municipal Council in collaboration with the Austrian government

Starting a Farm

The farm was complited on 1990

The Best Meat Producers in the Country

The slaughterhouse officially began to be used in 1991 in May

Store Opening

For a period of three years the company was run on a trial basis under The Arusha Municipal Council and the Austrian Government.

Leading Meat Supplier

Arusha meat is now a leading meat supplier within the region and across the country up to Zanzibar.

Welcome to home of pure Beef

I would like to welcome you to Arusha Meat Company for excellent and high-quality services. It is our ambition to ensure Good Health for all people who use our Products. It is Our expectation to ensure that we are at the forefront of serving Tanzanians and the neighboring countries for high-quality meat product production.

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